Going into a doctor’s appointment can be entirely overwhelming.  They use big words and talk a lot, and in general. when people use big words, I just smile and nod.  But when you are at the doctors, you can’t just go along with whatever they say, because you might miss something important and later regret the decision you made.
Having been sick from the tender age of 12, I have had to learn to be my own advocate.  My parents have always come to appointments with me and have always been the ones researching different drugs and diets, but now it is my turn.  I am learning to take an active role in understanding what is happening with my body. 
 Before starting TPN, I research enteral and parenteral nutrition and looked at various studies including the two methods of nutrition.  Although there isn’t a ton of information out there about these treatments for Crohns, I was able to learn the basic pros and cons of each method.  That way the next time I talked to my doctor, I could say exactly why I wanted to do one more than the other.   I have learned that if you have researched treatments and understand the various options fully, doctors appointments become more of a conversation, rather than a lecture!  
So take charge of you health, and learn to be involved in the decision making process in an intellectual way.  I think you will find that you will become more comfortable with your treatments and have a better relationship with your doctor.  I know that learning to do my own research, has helped me better be able to handle my situation, in my not so normal life.

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