Can you tell that Mr WLB came up with tonight’s blog post title…something to do with his digital PR brain apparently! :-)

So it’s as it says on the tin really…I have now lost a total of 19st with Slimming World…no pills, no weight loss surgery, no fads. I could not have been happier this morning.photo 2I knew that I wanted to get that award this week but as my old body keeps throwing curve balls my way, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. When I get on the scales I rarely look at them now…as I am far more than just a bloody number. I have to admit though that this morning, I did sneak a look and was thrilled to see the magic number of 24st 5.5lbs, which was a loss of 2.5lbs – and got me Slimmer of the Week too!

Whilst you might be thinking that seeing that figure on the scales would definitely not thrill you, don’t forget that in February 2012 I was 43st 5.5lbs…so I have made good progress.

I won’t harp on about the life changes – the things that I can do now which I couldn’t do then…but I am going to the theatre on Thursday and to a comedy gig on Sunday, and I definitely couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to do that back in February 2012. I will harp on about the other changes when I get my 20st award though…so be warned! ;-)

Group was great again today. One of the ladies – a favourite of mine – said that she felt as if she was amongst her sisters…that people cared for her. I think this is one of the things that I love about my group, we have a good bunch who genuinely care – which is a culture very much created and fostered by our consultant…who is ace!

Pizza Lady made me chuckle…”Slimming World works when you follow the plan!”, she said today…bless her heart – I love her to bits!

The lady that I spoke to about healthy eating and coming off Slim Fast, who joined earlier in the month, was so pleased today as she was our Slimmer of the Month – what better bloody reward for coming off shakes?! Not only did she get that award, but she feels great and looks so much healthier – glowing almost. I was so pleased that she joined, and really pleased that she got this…especially as I feel responsible for her joining!

Another lady, who joined recently, is very close to her target. She wanted to lose 10lbs when she joined. This might not sound like much, but to someone who has never been overweight it is important. I actually admire her I suppose…she is taking control before her weight loss spirals out of control. Who is the silly one…her for joining with a small amount to lose…or me, for reaching an almost fatal weight? :-)

My lovely Mum managed to lose this week too. She has so much on her plate at the moment, and I was so pleased for her. I think we forget to give ourselves a break at times…that isn’t to say that you don’t take responsibility for your actions, but you do have to remember that you are human!

I am going to finish up for the night as it’s been a long one and I am flagging. I just want to say once again, thank you for your support – it means so much to me. I spent a long time thinking that decent people were few and far between…but I know differently now. :-)

Breakfast: Bananas.photo 1Lunch: Jacket potato, beans and cottage cheese.photoDinner: Cheesy veggie wedge melt (2 x HEA).photo 3Snacks: Peanut butter and toasted rolls (2 x HEB and 18 syns).photo 4A gorgeous food day. My bananas were taken to group and eaten as soon as I came off the scales! Lunch was grabbed before my aquafit class and was my usual jacket potato with beans and cottage cheese. Dinner was ace. I put a load of veggies in the bottom – red and yellow pepper, red onion wedges, and courgette – and then I put potato wedges on top and cooked it all. Then I put cottage cheese and my HEA cheese on top and melted it…lush! No crisps tonight…but I really fancied peanut butter and so saved my HEB and syns for this. I didn’t use my full quota of syns – I can have up to 25 still – but what I had was bloody lovely.

Exercise: 30 minutes Aquafit.

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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