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Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Word of Mouth – April 2014.

Now that the clocks have gone forward there is certainly a spring in the air.

National Smile Month is now only a matter of weeks away, and for those of you who like to leave things until the last minute, there is still time to get involved. You can read about what you can do and how some of the nation’s biggest names are backing the campaign later on in the issue.

The messages of the campaign are brought into sharp focus with news emanating from America, as research there suggests looking after your oral health could leave you financially better-off. Money remains a major influence when it comes to oral health, and this research highlights how important it is to get the right oral healthcare, regardless of financial matters.

Brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day only takes up 4 minutes out of 1,440 in a day. This promoted us to ask what else can you do in four minutes? We start off our series by talking to our very own Dental Advisor at the Foundation, Karen Coates. Head to page eight to read some excellent tips on how to look after your oral health this summer.

In this issue we also feature the extraordinary story of a Swiss national who travelled almost 900 miles for dental treatment here in the UK. It’s a timely reminder of the excellent service provided here in the UK, and a warning for anyone thinking about ‘dental tourism’.

I hope you enjoy the issue, and I will see you in National Smile Month!

Word Of Mouth, Issue 18 - April 2014 Front Cover


British Dental Health Foundation

The British Dental Health Foundation is an independent charity that along with our global arm, the International Dental Health Foundation, is dedicated to improving the oral health of the public by providing free and impartial dental advice, by running educational campaigns and by informing and influencing the public, profession and government on issues such as mouth cancer awareness and fluoridation.

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