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standing1I am sure you will have read or heard over the last few weeks & months about how standing at your desk / computer is so much better for you than sitting.  We’d heard a number of people saying how energised they felt after doing a standing stint in front of their laptop.  So, we thought we’d put it to the test at talkhealth.

One of our team stood for 4 hours each morning for two days…. as per the image. However as you can see I am not sure our test would count based on a laptop being balanced on a cardboard box – certainly not benefitting from any correct ergonomics.  The said box did contain Willow Spring Water which another member of our team swears by – although not sure how that might have added to the standing experience!  Plus 2 days certainly isn’t long enough to reap the rewards we have heard mentioned.

The outcome / verdict=surprised that no particular tiredness was felt; didn’t miss any pins and needles that can result from long periods of sitting, but heels felt tired by the end of each session.  Would you try it again = YES, but with the right equipment.

We read with interest Mikael Cho – LifeHackers – Why I killed my standing desk and what I do instead – which is worth a read.  Also we used ‘s calculator to see how many calories were burnt off from standing as opposed to sitting in the period – and yes it does burn calories….

For those of you who have either tried this method of working, or are converted to it – we’d love to hear your experiences.



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