Today has been fantastic…I have been learning some new methods of dealing with ‘trolls’…those online eejits out to try and knock you off track!

First up was rifle practice…then it was tomahawk and knife throwing…and then it was archery – so trolls, beware! ;-)

Seriously though, it was an amazing day…and even more seriously, I don’t get that many trolls as you are lovely and so I have no need to get the bow and arrows out! :-)

This is the first set of activities that I have been able to take part in for such a long time…it felt amazing to just be out in the fresh air doing stuff that other people were doing too. We had such a giggle and our instructor, Jamie – from Monster Activities – was lovely. The location and surroundings were stunning…

20140507-195722.jpgWe were at The Highland Club in Fort Augustus on the shores of Loch Ness…it was an amazing few hours! So if you are a bit apprehensive about trying new stuff, see if you can get Jamie when he’s back from university in a few weeks time…he was fabulous.

This is a sample of the results of my effort…

20140507-194949.jpgI was an okay shot with the rifle when I got the hang of it – I pinged three cans and knocked three right off in one round…with six shots. The tomahawk and knife throwing involves a lot of luck according to Jamie…but I managed to get a couple stuck in the board…and all of them hit the wooden target in some way! The archery was fabulous…I was okay at that too and was surprised that I liked it so much…maybe I could try archery on horseback at some point! My Mum and aunt had a go too…

20140507-195308.jpgAnd Mr WLB of course…he was a bloody good shot with most things actually!

20140507-195449.jpgWe all had a great day…and we are all shattered now. We were out there for about three hours…and then I followed it up with an hour in the gym, so don’t think it will be long before I am snoring! :-)

After we had finished our activities, we headed into Fort Augustus and my Mum and aunt had a mooch around the shops…I think a scotch pie each and a haggis pasty were consumed. So I hope that my Slimming World consultant isn’t reading this as my Mum goes to my group too! :-)

We then went off to a farm shop and I stocked up on some natural remedies to help Mr WLB with his reflux issue. I also found some smoked garlic which I couldn’t resist.

It was then home! This morning on the way out of our little road we were greeted with this…

20140507-204207.jpg…the ladies were not keen on moving for me, and always seem to be in the road when you have somewhere to be! Bless them…they are lovely and their babies are so cute!

So that’s it from me today. More temptation resisted in the form of scotch pies, haggis pasties, fish and chips, chocolate, farm shop cakes…but the feeling and experience of being able to take part in the fun today makes that temptation pale into insignificance…it’s well worth the effort! :-)

Breakfast: Boiled eggs and a banana.

20140507-200717.jpgLunch: Smoked salmon, nuts, tomatoes, and fruit (2 x HEB).

20140507-200846.jpgDinner: Smoked chicken and ham, smoked garlic, stuffed mushrooms, roast pepper, courgette, and onion (2 x HEA).

20140507-203141.jpgSnacks: Ryvita with garlic and herb Philadelphia and smoked duck (8.5 syns).

20140507-205556.jpgA delicious food day…full of smoked produce! My usual breakfast was followed by some very tasty smoked salmon, mixed nuts, fruit, and a couple of tomatoes. Dinner was seriously good – I roasted a bulb of smoked garlic, stuffed my mushrooms with Philadelphia, roasted my peppers and courgette and onion, and partnered this with slices of smoked ham and a smoked chicken breast…it was so bloody lovely! I then had my syns and used them on more Philadelphia with Ryvita and some sliced smoked duck.

Exercise: 2 x 10 minutes treadmill, 2 x 10 minutes rowing machine, and 2 x 10 minutes exercise bike…plus the target activities!

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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