I spotted something on Twitter the other day that caught my eye.

It was a request from a charity called Smart Works for plus size clothing, and it simply said, @SmartWorksHQ: We are always in particular need of plus sized clothing and shoes in sizes 7+ to dress our female clients for interviews, can you #donate?

I was intrigued. Especially given that my ‘old life’ speciality was recruitment…and that I worked for an organisation who helped find work for the unemployed and gave them the skills in order to build their interview confidence. And, as much as I hate materialism, good clothes do make you feel a little better – especially when you are trying to get a new job! ;-)

So I headed over to their website for a little look and discovered that Smart Works provide high quality interview clothes, styling advice and interview training to out-of-work women on low incomes. Smart Works helps them to feel confident, look fabulous, succeed at their job interview and move on with their life – okay…so this bit was shamelessly copied from their website…and so is this next bit! ;-)

This year we will dress more than 1,200 women in a complete outfit of stylish, high quality clothes donated by retailers and professionals. A visit to Smart Works can change the course of a woman’s life.

Now, I was a little gutted to read this tweet – only for the fact that I had just taken two massive black bin bags full of plus sized clothes to the charity shop. And they were all suits, shirts, trousers etc. :-(

So it’s just a real quick one this evening…if you can help these guys out in any way, please do. You can arrange donations via work, or donate privately…but I think it’s a great cause – and as a loser, I know that I have clothes in all sizes that someone else could makes good use of! :-)

Spread a bit of love and goodness – and help assist some lovely ladies into the world of work!

Today has been busy but fabulous. I have had some great coaching sessions today; I always get really excited as the potential for people to make massive changes is there! I had a great personal training session too that left me feeling as if my arms were a few inches longer…something called farmer lifts with 40kgs. Then we headed off to a juice shop…Mr WLB is still not feeling well. I am on a mission to cure him and am trying to pack him full of goodness and good fats to increase his weight, as he’s lost over a stone that he can ill-afford to lose. So it’s veggie juices for a major nutrient hit, and brown rice, olive oil, loads of veggies, eggs, and avocado for dinner…

20140619-192738.jpg…it is quite strange trying to put weight on someone else whilst trying to lose it yourself. I am the master of weight gain, just not so healthy weight gain, and we are aiming for health with him. My efforts have increased his weight by 2lbs so far! :-) Oh – and we are seeing a specialist early July so should know more then! :-) And that’s it for my day really…I am now off to relax.

Breakfast: Banana and boiled eggs.

20140619-183141.jpgLunch: Jacket potato, beans, cottage cheese, and salad.

20140619-192337.jpgDinner: Quorn Southern chicken burgers, Cajun sweet potato wedges, and salad (2 x HEA, 2 x HEB, and 10 syns).

20140619-192209.jpgSnacks: Greek yogurt, blueberries, and cherries.

20140619-192405.jpgAnother lovely food day today…a Green one! Brekkie was the usual, and was followed by my favourite lunch this week…a good old jacket potato. Dinner was lovely. I use the Quorn Southern style burgers anytime I get a whiff of a KFC! The burgers are 2.5 syns each…and as I am a greedy mare, I have two double-deckers – this was after the advice of my PT who tells me that I might need to eat more. Then I had some fruit and yogurt as my late-night snack.

Exercise: 60 minutes PT.

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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