Tonight I am going to have an early one and read a book I think!

My soothing system is in need of some love and attention…a decent meditation is in order too.

I lost 0.5lbs today.

I am not really sure what to say about that.

People have reminded me about my progress so far. People have reminded me that my exercise could be having an impact. People have told me to take measurements (I do – not much change there either with all the saggy skin!) Someone even told me not to eat too many jacket potatoes – I had one for lunch! And Slimming World – when I entered my weight online – had these words of wisdom, ‘Congratulations, you have lost ½ lb this week. This is a fantastic achievement, and it looks as though you have turned things around nicely. You must be delighted with your weight loss.’

Hmmm…delighted…no – not really.

Delighted? After two long hill walks, 2 x 5000m rows and another 30 minute row, 100 squat throws, 85 minutes on the elliptical machine, an hour of Pilates, 70 minutes of PT weight training, 45 minutes treadmill…the list goes on.

Delighted? After a week of food that is hard to criticise according to my consultant, my PT, and the dietitian I work with.

Delighted? After a run of poor results…and needing a decent loss this week to give me a mental boost.

I am not happy. I saw the number on the scales and just shrugged my shoulders…what more can I do? For a moment or two I felt at a loss for words. I suddenly piped up, ‘Well, I know one thing – I cannot sit and listen to stories of people eating fecking chocolate cake and losing weight this week!’ I think my consultant tried to herd everyone away from me for a second or two.

Just as last week, I pulled my big girl pants up and got on with things! :-)

There is always something that can be done! For a start, I am not going to panic. I have upped my breakfast as instructed and am going to keep my food as it has been for another week…these things take time so it’s not worth panicking over.

My consultant made me laugh though. She said that her and her hubby had been talking and she was saying to him that she wonders when my body is going to realise that I am not giving up…that I am sticking with this and not giving in to the surgery! I am wondering the same thing too.

When I saw my trainer and told him the result, he looked shocked. He has encouraged me to take some rest…he mentioned a whole week off, I mentioned a long weekend! ;-) He then came to say goodbye as he was finishing his shift, and told me to stop beasting myself…he said he can see it in my eyes when I have one on me! I was pushing myself quite hard…it was either that, or push fistfuls of chips in my face! :-)

I am over it now. What will be, will be.

I went and grabbed lunch after the gym. I caught up briefly with my Dad. I headed to the organic food shop to buy my Bounce Balls – which means passing a SubWay and a Greggs! – and bought a couple for tonight’s syns. I caught up with my sister, her hubby, and my niece and nephew…which always puts a smile on my face. I am now off to read, relax and regroup! :-)

Mr WLB and his text message responding to my weigh-in update made me laugh – it simply said, ‘Fuckity Fuck!’

Today’s food looks like this…

20140708-200152.jpgBreakfast: Boiled eggs and a banana.
Lunch: Jacket potato, baked beans, cottage cheese, and salad.
Dinner: Linda Mc sausages, sweet potato wedges, cheese (2 x HEA) and veggie sauce.
Snacks: Bounce Balls (21 syns) and nuts (2 x HEB).

Exercise: 5 minutes rowing machine, 55 minutes weights, 5 minutes treadmill.

Thank you for reading,

Weight Loss Bitch xxx


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