rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.


It’s true that having a health condition really finds it’s way into all kinds of facets of your life. As I’ve mentioned previously, my chest reacts incredibly badly to the cold, which makes winter something of a pain. So I’m often tempted to go somewhere sunny to lounge, except for the fact that my skin condition behaves in exactly the opposite way to most by getting enraged by direct sunlight. This means that I’d want to travel somewhere mild. I’m lucky enough to live in the South West, which is pretty mild by itself, so I’m not so worked up about getting out of the country but I thought I’d spend some time looking at holidays that can actively help long term conditions!


If you have psoriasis then you’re most likely already aware of the benefits visiting the Dead Sea can bring to your condition. When I was researching skin conditions last year I was amazed at how many case studies had been done that showed a positive reaction to continuous sunbathing near the dead sea. Psoriasis is often treated via UV rays, particularly via light boxes. Visiting the Dead Sea means that you can take advantage of near-continious sunshine but the geography of the area means that you can spend much longer in the sun without risk of burning. So if you have psoriasis then you can lay out and enjoy. I’ve seen multiple package deals that specifically cater to those with psoriasis but I think it’s important that – if you want your holiday to be about treatment – then you opt for one that has a credible doctor at the head. I read an account of a man who had an excellent turnaround with his Psoriasis but he made it very clear that there were nurses and doctors present to ensure that the treatment was proving effective.

And it’s not just the Dead Sea that can be of use. You can travel to the mediterranean and enjoy the bright and sunny weather without having to travel for so long. Rent a villa in Majorca or the Canary Islands and make sure you take plenty of sun tan lotion. Some of the transformations I’ve seen have been incredible, though it’s worth mentioning that the effects rarely seem to be permanent.

Joint Pains

If you suffer from joint pains then a health mediterranean diet may be of use, as it’s full of naturally oily fish. And if you’re interested in a trip that doesn’t put too much strain on your joints then it may be worth looking into a water sports holiday in the Canary Islands. During the quieter months the water is still warm and enjoyable, much easier on your bones than trying to take a dip in the Cornish sea! Doctors advise exercise where possible for sufferers of arthritis, so taking to the water is a low impact way of keeping yourself mobile. In fact, there’s an account on NHS choices from Kathleen, who’s found that swimming in warm water can be very beneficial. Imagine if you could also add that to a holiday destination, perhaps with a little scuba diving for the truly daring?


Don’t go to America seems like the first obvious choice. I couldn’t get over how sweet everything was when I visited the US, including basic things like bread. It was wall-to-wall sweetness with no escape! If you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes then I’d actually advise checking out Japan. The way that the Japanese have adapted to the Western idea of “desserts” is fascinating. You can get desserts at the end of the meal that aren’t sweet at all, such as the popular red beans on ice chippings. It’s a very popular dish and it just blows my mind! In fact, there are many areas where the culture presents a very strange idea of items we’d commonly find in the UK, like bread and sweets: They don’t need to be sweet at all! If you find eating to be a constant compromise in England thanks to sugar being added to most food stuffs then I’d really recommend travelling to a Far East country where adding sugar to food still isn’t typical.

Do you have a long-term health condition? Where would you like to go on holiday as a means of treatment (or at least, the removal of negative temptations)?


Kayleigh Herbertson

Kayleigh is a 20 something year old woman who is currently living with a chronic pain condition, a skin condition and a mental health condition. Juggling these three can be something of a challenge but she's always ready to take things on head first!

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