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Did you know that next week (14-20 November) sees the start of alcohol awareness week?

An initiative run by Alcohol Concern (you know them- the founders of Dry January!) which aims to raise awareness of the risks of alcohol to your health.

With facts such as ‘Alcohol related harm costs England around £21bn per year, with £3.5bn to the NHS, £11bn tackling crime & £7.3bn from lost work days’ and ‘Alcohol is a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions, cancers; high blood pressure, and depression’ it’s easy to begin to build a picture of why this week is so important.alcohol-awareness-design

Another shocking statistic from the Department of Transport is ‘almost 1 in 5 drink related accidents happen the morning after.’

In support of this campaign we are offering our talkhealth community the chance to receive 1 of 10 home breathalyser kits.

To be in with a chance like this post and leave a comment below with the #AAW2016

Ten people will be picked at random on Friday 18th November and notified by email



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31 Responses to Alcohol awareness week

  1. Sarah Greenwood

    #AAW2016 I think this is a great cause, everyone should be aware of these facts.

  2. Susan

    A brilliant idea as I know I drink far too much

  3. Linda Revell

    I had to give up alcohol due to the number of tablets I am taking for arthritis and AFib I decided to cut it out all together and I don’t miss it at all.#AAW2016

  4. Rosemary Walsh

    Very good article.The morning after my husband always says he’s fine to drive, but I worry
    and have actually refused go get in the car with him. A test kit would be a valuable tool.

  5. Lynn Roberts

    I think we should all be more aware of the damage alcohol can do I stayed sober for October and have carried it through November. I do not intend togive up alcohol as I enjoy a drink on social occasions just trying to give my body a rest.

  6. Scott Ballantyne
  7. Scott Ballantyne

    It is sad is it not in this day & age we still have this same discussion with no results

  8. Richard Clayton

    A great idea to let us know the dangers to health form alcohol , also drink driving dangers in the morning after a night out etc, Lots of people don’t realise the cost to society for example NHS costs, Policing and crime costs through alcohol related incidents . Maybe a good thing to have alcohol awareness weeks more often throughout the year,

  9. Elayne Blackburn

    There is much more alcohol consumed at home now and larger amounts poured .

  10. Roberta

    I don’t think we should quit drinking alcohol – but we should all learn to measure it and enjoy less of it.

  11. Diane Lewis

    Ithink its important to know your levels the morning after

  12. Lou

    Would be handy to actually be able to breathalyse myself. #AAW2016

  13. emily walker
  14. sb

    I don’t think I ever drive while over the limit but would be interesting to see

  15. Anne Johnson

    breathalyser kits are a great idea and should be available in more places, bars, pubs, nightclubs etc, If friends or family bought one for likely drink drivers it could help persuade people to had over their keys before doing something stupid.

  16. Jillian doran

    Interesting subject matter

  17. jasmine clarke

    #AAW2016 thank you this is really interesting and I didn’t know about alcohol awareness week.



  19. Bill Reay

    As a 100% dry/sober recovering alcoholic,proud to be in my 18th year completely dry,’One day at a time’ I salute this initiative,and indeed any other aimed at helping people tackle their problems with alcohol,however minimal these may be,it all begins with that one drink after all.
    I’m also a former multi level drugs worker specialist,working with all manner of substance misuse,so have used my continuing recovery,and the 12 steps program where appropriate,to enhance my life skills and subsequent guidance for treatment there too.

  20. Geeta

    How long after having one glass of wine or beer can you drive?

  21. Jayne Pickard

    #AAW2016 I stopped drinking in 2003 when I didn’t remember walking home from a night out with friends, that had never happened before, I was 44. Now I only drink occasionally and never more than two glasses of whatever (usually wine). My boyfriend is the same. I watched my dad die from pancreatic cancer, drinking probably contributed to his early death, he should still be here to see his great grandson growing up. He still had his nightly whiskey right up to the day he died. I don’t understand the need to get absolutely legless and then suffer the following day, it’s all about the company you’re with, not the amount of alcohol you can consume, not to mention the cost.

  22. Carol Peace

    I just want to say that as a recovering alcoholic (20 years without a drink) I know well the cost of alcohol on your health.I know so many people that died because of drinking, either their health deteriorates or they do stupid things when drunk and lose their lives. I now suffer with depression which I have had since drinking times although it is a lot better now. I don’t drive any more but I did on the morning after and had no idea I was still over the limit. The thought of me taking the kids to school fills me with guilt now, Sorry to go on but I can’t stress enough how bad drinking is for you.
    I don’t want the prize as fortunately I have no need for it.

  23. Debbie Donnelly

    I do like to have a glass of wine at the end of the day, which can some times turn into a few. As you get older I dont think we can drink as much as we used to. I hate waking up sluggish with a heavy head. Yet this does not stop me. I would love to try a breathalyser kit just to see if It would affect me and my driving the next day.



  25. Joh Flow

    I was brought up in a teetotal home after my Mum suffered the negative emotional and psychological effects of watching my Grandad’s alcoholism. Any type of addiction has the potential to overload others emotionally and physically. The impact on family life can be subtle and immense. I think anyone that recognises they have a problem should be celebrated and supported. That takes guts! And those that enable should look at that reasons for doing so. I am glad that I was brought up in a house where drinking was only optional.

  26. Vicky Forrest

    #AAW2016. I work in a court and am constantly reminded by cases that it is not possible for most people to judge how much alcohol is in their system and tell if they are under the drink drive limit. It is quite simple .. if you are driving don’t drink AT ALL.

  27. Rachael Louise Taylor

    #AAW2016 This is a topic which concerns me. Alcohol can do so many things to people. The problem in my household is the association of certain things like watching sport with having a beer.

  28. Henry Thomas

    This is a popular topic. Someone want to leave drink Alcohol but they can’t do this. Due to addict of Alcohol, some people spend lots of money. They lost their health due to Alcohol. You have given great idea. It will very helpful for those such person. Thanks for sharing this great information. I will spread this way to those people who want to leave Alcohol for always.

  29. lily white

    Alcohol depletes the most important and most overlooked mineral in the body-magnesium
    If we don’t replenish our magnesium stores we are doomed for fatigue, Anxiety, Arrhythmia, Bowel problems, Food cravings, Heart disease, High blood pressure, Insomnia, Irritability, Kidney stones, Muscle Cramps, Spasms, Twitching, Weakness, Restlessness, Sex drive low.

    We won’t get it from our food anymore…our soil is depleted as well….we need a 100% absorbable magnesium that is available for us to buy. Thats why Dr.Carolyn Dean the doctor of the future and the author of the magnesium miracle has created one to save ourselves and no longer rely on doctors to medicate us :\

    Here is one of her many articles…..If this resonates with you i would highly recommend taking her magnesium and feel the difference that alcohol will no longer effect you like it once did.

  30. OAtext

    Well information, Addictions in one frame or other influence a large number of individuals in this nation. Addictions in one frame or other influence a large number of individuals in this nation.

  31. rathod

    I will impart this to all who will tune in! Everybody can profit by this showing afterall our psyche is one of only a handful couple of things we really have control over! May God keep on blessing you!

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