VIDEO: Meditation part 2 with Hannah Staunton

As the world around us seems to be spinning faster than ever, it has never been more important to check in with your mind and body. To help you along your way, Hannah - our resident TH+ meditation teacher - is here with her second mindfulness meditation session. 

Slowly but surely the meditation bug is catching, all thanks to Hannah whose first session laid the groundwork for our new obsession. 



Watch the video here:


Apart from allowing us to take some much-needed minutes out of our day, meditation and mindfulness are proven to improve mental health and chronic pain symptoms. So, whether sitting in a chair, on the floor or lying down, we have made sure that this practice is open to everyone - all you need is some cushions! 

This session, Hannah guides us through a ‘body scan’, where deep breathing takes centre stage to allow an increased awareness of our different body parts. These grounding techniques will enable you to create some much-needed space within your body, opening up different areas to increase your comfort and mindfulness. 

We know that some people find breathing difficult and it can sometimes make you feel anxious but try and stick with it if you can!  Slowing your breathing and taking deep breaths activates your parasympathetic system which makes you feel more relaxed. The more consistently you tune in to Hannah’s practice, the calmer you will feel about taking part. 

So, deep breath, straight back, let's get zen! 

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