Ali Mortimer

Holistic Health & Happiness Coach (IIN)

After a spectacular burn-out in 2013 resulting from ignoring the signs of stress while working full-time with two small children, followed by two unexpected life-changing events in 2016, Ali was diagnosed with clinical depression, PTSD and insomnia as well as suffering from an eating disorder. She turned her life around by using the principles of lifestyle medicine, rather than prescriptive drugs, leaving her with an improved immunity, stronger mental health, resilience to knock backs and much more energy to juggle work, play, family and life!

Having a healthy lifestyle, based on holistic health, meant that Ali was able to recover fully – without medical intervention.

Following a 15 year career coaching and mentoring individuals and teams, Ali re-qualified as a Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, has a Qualifi Level 4 in coaching and a certification in Meditation Tuition.

In terms of food and nutrition, her expertise and speciality lies in helping people understand their relationship with food and thereby enables them to make healthy and wise choices for themselves and their family. She shares tools, guides and tips on how to have a happy healthy life.

The World Health Organisation has recently declared that stress is the latest health epidemic of the 21st Century. Ali applies her own personal experience of stress, burnout, anxiety and clinical depression, to achieving wonderful success in helping people suffering from severe anxiety, and even depression. By treating them with empathy and compassion and helping them find their own unique blend of management techniques, her clients find that they are better able to cope without relying on medications and, more importantly, able to access the calm, happy life they deserve. In her own words, Ali helps you to ‘become the healthiest, happiest person you know’.

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