Carol Wright

Grief, loss, health and life coach

Carol Wright is a grief, loss, health and life coach, international speaker and co-author. She has struggled first-hand from accidents and illnesses. Carol speaks from the heart. From Stressed out police officer, personal injury lawyer and current Magistrate, she’s turned to her own self care, transforming her mind, body and general health. She is now passionate about helping others move to a clear pathway of self care, inspiration and motivation. She references her own experiences and her immense research and education and helps others deal with pain, stress and overwhelm of living with a chronic, often unseen illness.

Experienced in training and mentoring to high levels with experience in health and safety and rehabilitation as a service and end user, Carol helps individuals and groups within companies improve their health and wellbeing to target stress in the workplace. 

Carol knows that by dealing with the root cause of health issues, suffering associated with long term illnesses and autoimmune conditions can be eased.

Having dealt with many stressful people and stressful incidents, she now coaches people face to face/online/in groups using practical techniques to deal with pain, emotional eating, stress, anxiety, depression and movement problems. Her passion is to help others by understanding the why and how behind the science to become less STRESSED in day to day life with simple techniques.

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