Dr George Moncrieff

Clinical Lead for a Community Dermatology Service, FRCP FRCGP

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Dr George Moncrieff was a GP in Bicester from 1985 until 2017 when he retired from his NHS practice. He, is now the Clinical Lead for a Community Dermatology Service in South Birmingham.

From 1999 until he retired, he ran an ‘Interface Dermatology Service’, receiving referrals from around 50 GPs in North Oxfordshire.

He's a past examiner for the Diploma in Practical Dermatology in Cardiff, as well as the Diploma in Child Health. He was the RCGP Dermatology Curriculum Guardian from 2010 until 2014, Chair of The Dermatology Council for England from 2014 until July 2018 and a PCDS Committee Member from 2005 until 2018. He is also a Primary Care Advisor to the National Eczema Society.