Dr Janice Joneja

Medical microbiologist / immunologist

Dr. Janice Joneja is a researcher, educator, author and clinical counsellor with over 30 years’ experience concerning biochemical and immunological reactions involved in food allergy and intolerances. She holds a Ph.D. in medical microbiology and immunology and was a registered dietitian (RD) for 27 years.

She started her career as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, and in the Faculty of Dentistry, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. For 12 years, she was head of the Allergy Nutrition Clinic at the Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre. Since 2001, she has been a faculty member in the School of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences at the University of Surrey, teaching in the M.Sc. course in Nutritional Medicine.

In 2001 Dr Joneja became Patron of Action Against Allergy, undertaking numerous lectures and workshops on its behalf.

Dr Joneja is the author of ten books and dietetic practice manuals on food allergy and intolerances, a textbook on Irritable Bowel Syndrome, peer-reviewed articles in scientific and medical journals, and several distance education courses. Her most recent books include The Health Professional’s Guide to Food Allergies and Intolerances; Dealing with Food Allergies; Dealing with Food Allergies in Babies and Children; The Beginner’s Guide to Histamine Intolerance; and Histamine Intolerance: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals, all available on Amazon.