Dr Martin E Johnson

Co-Chair, Chronic Pain Policy Coalition

I was a General Practitioner from 1985 until 2014. For many years, after devoting much of my time to Primary Care Research, I developed a specific interest in the management of chronic pain. I also have an interest in virus research and I, at present, work as Senior Medical Director to hVivo Ltd.

I have written several articles regarding pain management, particularly focusing on neuropathic pain, the use of opioids and the organisation of pain services in the community. Recently I was one of the lead authors of the commissioning support document for chronic pain services.

I am Vice Chair of the Primary & Community Pain Management Special Interest Group of the British Pain Society. In May 2016 I stepped down after serving nearly 4 years as Honorary Secretary to the British Pain Society; I have now been appointed Vice President with special responsibility for Membership.

On 1st April 2011 I was appointed as RCGP Clinical Champion for Pain and after three years as Clinical Champion, I continue as RCGP Lead for Chronic Pain. In this role I am trying to raise awareness of chronic pain and develop initiatives that will enhance it’s management.

Also I am also the Co-Chair of the Chronic Pain Policy Coalition helping to drive national issues surrounding pain management.

Previously I served 6 years as a Trustee of The Patient’s Association.

My particular interests in pain management are the effective management of pain within Primary Care and having adequate systems in place to deliver this service, neuropathic pain & early intervention of pain.

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