Dr Nevianna Bordet

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Nevianna Bordet is a Consultant Dermatologist and has specialised in Vulval Disease for many years. Since completing her dermatology specialist training in Cambridge in 2009, Dr Bordet has been the Vulval Dermatologist at the West Suffolk Hospital NHS Foundation Trust consulting women with Vulval disease as part of a Multidisciplinary Vulval Clinic alongside Gynaecology and Genito-Urinary Medicine. Her current dermatology practice is mostly in the independent sector and is based at the Spire Cambridge Lea and BMI Bury St Edmunds Hospitals (www.TheBordetClinic.com).

Dr Bordet graduated in 1999 from Leicester University Medical School with a Double Merit award and the James Overton Prize in Dermatology. She trained in general medicine at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust prior to specialising in dermatology at Cambridge. She is an enthusiastic teacher and has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education. She regularly lectures to Dermatologists, General Practitioners and Nurses as well as teaching Cambridge Medical Students. She has presented at many national and international meetings, including the British Association of Dermatologists and the European Academy of Dermatologists and Venereology conferences. Dr Bordet has widely published research papers in dermatology journals and chapters in textbooks for both medical students and doctors, on many aspects of dermatology.

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