Joanna Shurety

Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist

Joanna spent 15 years in HR, across several sectors and sized organisations, progressing to leadership roles giving her first-hand experience of the importance of both mental and physical resilience and the impact on performance, creativity, attrition and absence.  

Needing to find her own path to good health she is now a qualified and accredited (UKHCA) Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist.  

She has blended her HR and coaching expertise and now provides support to a wide range of one-to-one clients helping them take control of their health, improve their energy and resilience and avoid burnout. 

As well, Joanna’s offers her coaching programmes to companies and organisations, Her focus is very much on identifying what can be done (no matter how big or small) and removing the obstacles in a world that often makes good health difficult to achieve and prioritise.  

She has worked with both large organisations such as Lloyds Banking Group, Hargreaves Lansdown and WWT as well as smaller, niche businesses such as Cambridge Pixel and Taylor Vinters.  Her passion is to help people find that balance in their lives so that they thrive extends to talks and workshops into schools and I am proud to volunteer my time to E.L.S.A.  

She has contributed articles to magazines including Natural Health, Top Sante and Bella Magazine and been featured on North Herts Radio Wellness Hour.

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