Lauratu Osu

Health & Lifestyle Coach

Lauratu is a Health and Lifestyle Coach who works with mothers to help them regain their vitality. She does this by helping them to prioritise time for their needs so they can be the mothers they want to be - without the guilt and exhaustion. Being a mother-of-two herself, she understands how consuming life can be and believes that self-care is key to achieving one’s life goals. Lauratu has a deep experience of working with mothers at various life stages to create a lifestyle that is unique to their needs and pace of life. Her mission is not just to help create an exhaustion free life but also provide the tools to manage those unexpected curve balls that life quite often throws in one's direction.

Lauratu started off her professional life as an Aerospace Systems Engineer but her love of using numbers to tell a story led her to a successful 10+year marketing career. The tail end of her marketing career was spent in the Middle East where she held a very demanding job marketing innovative technology at a prestigious university. Lauratu’s high work ethic, and high expectations of herself as a mother combined with no family support network, left her in a state of chronic exhaustion and overwhelm which wreaked havoc on her physical and mental wellbeing. This forced her to make some changes in her life with the first being to prioritise what was most important to her, family and health, and then build a life around them. Her journey towards healing mentally and physically led her to a health coaching certification and psychology master’s degree program.

Now, Lauratu’s mission is to use the knowledge she has gained through her own healing journey and her qualifications, to help as many people as possible to live a full, healthy life they deserve, with plenty of energy to spend on what matters most to them.

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