Monika Mateja

Health Coach and Nutritional Chef

Monika Mateja is a certified Health Coach and Nutritional Chef with a Diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine - London. Stress, health issues, gaining weight and poor skin and sleep led her from corporate work to the world of Wellness and Health.

Her passion is helping people achieve their health goals for optimum energy, digestion and body confidence through consistent diet and lifestyle decisions and habit changes. Her Wellness Chef qualification and practice allows her to design healthy mainly plant-based meal plans with and for her clients that are easy to incorporate into their busy life. All dishes are full of flavour as well as loaded with nutritional goodness that ensures they’re power-packed as well as delicious to eat.

Monika works with clients from a variety of walks of life as well as frequently presenting at Health Forums, networking events and in the corporate environment.

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