Expert Clinic on Lichen Sclerosus


Join talkhealth and the British Skin Foundation for an online clinic all about lichen sclerosus. The clinic is open from the 6-13 June 2024, come back then and ask your questions.

The British Skin Foundation always recommends seeking help for a skin condition or the psychological effects of skin disease from your GP or local NHS services as a first point of call.

The forum for this clinic is not yet available (contact us for more information)

Medical Experts

Dr Nevianna Bordet

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr Karen Gibbon

Consultant Dermatologist


The British Skin Foundation

The British Skin Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated to raising funds for skin disease and skin cancer research. This year the British Skin Foundation turns 25 years old, giving out more than £17 million in grants to over 400+ research projects since 1996. As well as supporting research into diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer, cases of which are unfortunately all too common; the BSF are also looking to find better treatments and eventual cures for conditions that may be less familiar such as vitiligo, ichthyosis and alopecia.

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