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Indigestion affecting my sleep

Postby RaymanSpyro on Wed Oct 02, 2019 5:42 pm

Hello all,

I've always had a very sensitive digestive system. For years, I've followed a careful diet - limited red meat, plenty of fish, vegetables and fruit. Now and again I have a bit of chocolate, cake and stuff like that.
Not often.

For about a year, I've been waking up really early in the morning with belching and indigestion. Sometimes I get back to sleep again, but sometimes I don't. Blood tests and routine checks haven't revealed anything worrying, but it's really disturbing me.

Things like pastry and cake seem to have an extra impact - anything flour based. But they aren't the only things that do it.

Digestion is generally fine during the day. It's just at night that there's a problem. Usually at the same time - about 5:30ish.

I wonder if people have got any advice?

Thanks all.
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Re: Indigestion affecting my sleep

Postby talkhealth on Thu Oct 03, 2019 6:38 am

Hi RaymanSpyro

Thank you for your post. Please have a look at our free support programme, myIBS, which is written by leading medical experts from County Durham and Darlington NHS Trust, myIBS provides 12 weeks of dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks.

It may also be worth a visit to your doctor just for a general check there may be something he can prescribe to help with the symptoms.

Please let us know how you get on.

Kind regards
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