From IBDs to ABL, our bowel community is open to all

Living with a bowel condition can be stressful and isolating. Whether it's navigating stoma bags, managing IBS symptoms or talking frankly about bowel cancer, our bowel hub has all the expert guidance and support you need. 


Self-manage your IBS better with weekly nuggets of advice from our free support programme

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Expert clinic

The Sleep Council - parents and sleep

opened 6 July


Check out our latest bowel related samples currently available

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Product reviews

Don’t buy a thing before you read our latest product reviews

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Now's your chance to read up on everything to do with bowel management

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Trials & surveys

Get involved with the latest bowel survey and trials

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Your bowel community

Connect with people living with bowel issues like you on our bowel community page

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Your bowel stories

If you have a story to share related
to bowel issues we would love to hear
from you

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Useful links

Not sure who to contact? Take a look through our bowel support directory

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Explore our comprehensive list of companies, products and treatments suitable for people living with bowel issues

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