Student life got stuck because of this!!

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by HamzaSajid001 on Mon Dec 14, 2020 7:29 pm

Student life got stuck because of this!!

I am Hamza it's my first post on this platform looking forward to hear your taught whole heartedly ❤️.
My problem begin about 3/Years ago "I am constantly getting something in the back of my throat almost all the time doesn't matter it's morning, day, or night"(the substance is quite thick, white and very viscous).😷
I am tried different medication but result is still 0%.
Doctor taught it's GERD but after ENDOSCOPY it become clear that it's not GERD.😶
So i was referred to See ENT (he prescribed different medication , nasal spray and did Sinuses ENDOSCOPY but it was all clear).
He referred my to to Allergist ( my IgE level was higher and i taken 3/months allergy shots (Dust allergy) but after that my doctor said it's not happening because of allergy you should again consult ENT, and this time ENT doctor said it's all OK and prescribed me a stomach tablet).
Now i am quite confused 🤢.
Some other conditions as well (me lips mostly remain Dry/Toored even i drink a lot of water/Bad breath/Lots of bumps even in morning/Heart burning (mostly in morning)/ weight loss.😥
Kindly guide me what should i do.
Do I need to consult with an ENT or an gastroenterologist?
Thanks for reading!

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by talkhealth on Wed Dec 23, 2020 6:14 pm

Re: Student life got stuck because of this!!

Hello Hamza and welcome!

I am sorry to hear the issues you are experiencing and many of our members who suffer from similar will sympathise with you the problems of getting a diagnosis from an expert. Unfortunately, it is something that you need to pursue when you are not happy with the advice you have been given. I would suggest you go back to your doctor and explain once again the issues you are still experiencing and in particular stress the loss of weight which is something they will take note of in particular. Do not give up and keep asking for help. Meanwhile keep a record of the diet you have along with noting down symptoms and when they occur so you can hopefully see if any pattern is emerging. Also it would be worth looking more deeply into your diet and cutting out any foods that are obviously not 100% nutritionally for us.
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