Hair loss and hormones: Why am I losing my hair?

Everyone loses around 50 to 100 hairs a day! But what happens when these locks don’t grow back?

Hair loss is caused by several things. From ageing and bleaching to stress and medical conditions, many of us will lose hair at some point. On top of this, our hormones and hereditary factors can trigger shedding too! 

Around two-thirds of all men and 50% of females over the age of 65 experience androgenetic alopecia, or, pattern baldness. For a long time, scientists believed that this type of hair loss was associated with the amount of testosterone circulating in the body. Yes, hormones do play their part but genes are now known to be a culprit too.

Although both male and female pattern baldness is caused by the same complex relationship between genes and hormones, they look very different...