Everything you need to know about skin cancer according to an expert

Dr Adil Sheraz from the British Skin Foundation is a regular on our webinar lineup, and for good reason. From acne to sun protection, he is a whizz at all things skin health. Last week, he joined us for a live Q&A all about skin cancer. Adil answered all of our member’s questions and shared some great - and life-saving - advice. 

‘Skin cancer is an abnormality in a part of your skin where there is an uncontrolled growth of certain cells that shouldn’t be there,’ Adil started, saying: ‘This becomes cancer because the body is unable to stop the cells from multiplying.’ 

According to Cancer Research UK, there were around 16,700 new melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK every year between 2016 and 2018, that's 46 every day. Worryingly, the incidence rate of skin cancer is set to increase by 7% in the next 13 years. This could mean that 32 people out of every 100,000 could be affected by melanoma.  

Melanoma isn’t the only type of skin cancer you can get. Even though it is the most deadly, there are other forms of skin cancer that you should look out for. ‘Non-melanoma skin cancers are more common and less deadly,’ Dr Adil explains. 

He shares that basal and squamous cell skin cancers aren’t identified by a changing mole but by raised lesions that grow quickly and shiny spots on the skin, noting that: ‘If you have a spot on your body that has not healed for four weeks, it needs to be looked at.’ 

The most important thing to remember is: ‘All skin cancers are related to excessive sun exposure.’ 

So, what is Dr Adil’s advice for protecting yourself from the sun? Watch the webinar below to find out: