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So I did it…yay.

My Whole 30 challenge, 30 days without dairy, sugar, processed foods, legumes, gluten and grains. A really strict diet to try and switch my body from being a “sugar” burner to a fat burner and clear my body of any food allergens. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was easy but I am glad I stuck to it and completed what I set out to do.

So the results…duh…duh…duh (Imagine that as a dramatic piece of music)

On Monday May 6th I set out on this 30 day challenge and I weighed 9st 13lbs (139lbs), this morning 5th June 2013 I weighed 9st 2lbs (128lbs). I didn’t think I would lose that much as I wasn’t that big to start with. The weight loss is great, but, for me it is all about feeling healthy, my nose is no longer blocked in the morning, my skin is better, I do not feel bloated anymore and generally I feel much better.

So now comes the tricky challenge of reintroducing those foods I have cut out to see if my body reacts to them. This is probably where a lot of people let their hair down and go crazy and eat everything under the sun. For me that seems a little silly, whats the point of me going through the past 30 days, suffering sugar withdrawal headaches, drinking water in the pub with friends to blow all the benefits in just a few hours. The foods that I have not missed I don’t think I will reintroduce as it seems a bit pointless to me.

Today, I have tried a little cheese  but to be honest the taste has changed, I used to love it but, this morning was a bit of a let down as the taste wasn’t the same and to be honest with you I could take it or leave it. I haven’t tried Brie or Stilton yet, which could be a whole different story. I will admit though that there is good quality dark chocolate sitting in my fridge for later, courtesy of my lovely husband

So here we go: 30 things I have learned in 30 days!

  1. If I set my mind to something and keep plodding on I can do it!
  2. I am not a bad cook
  3. Having a decent selection of herbs and spices is a must have in the kitchen
  4. After 30 years on this planet, I have found out I actually like salmon despite years of thinking I didn’t
  5. Pistachio nuts are amazing
  6. Having a slow cooker makes healthy eating so easy, especially with an 18 month old running around.
  7. Getting over a sugar addiction was really hard, the headache is the worst thing ever
  8. Tweeking recipes to make them more “paleo” is quite easy
  9. I can easily live without cheese…….who knew
  10. Having a good butcher really helps with meal planning
  11. If I don’t eat lunch before 2pm I get really grumpy!
  12. Being able to breathe through my nose more has really helped with tension in my neck
  13. Reading food labels is the key, some of the hidden ingredients quite shocked me
  14. Fruit teas are actually really nice, my favourite is pomegranate if anyone is interested
  15. Holland and Barrett sell coconut flour, great for non grain baking
  16. Having a statement prepared to tell people why you are eating this way helps a lot with the questions you will get asked
  17. My son likes home made guacomole
  18. Green smoothies are really nice and a refreshing change if you don’t have much time to eat.
  19. I can survive without a cup of tea in the morning…..who knew
  20. To eat healthy and on a budget, meal planning for the week is key.
  21. Magnesium citrate supplement helps me sleep well
  22. Good habits do finally come to those who practice them
  23. Making myself eat breakfast is key
  24. You really are what you eat
  25. I must stop staring into other peoples shopping trolleys to see what they are buying
  26. I am feeling great and never want to go back to the way I was before
  27. Growing your own veg is great as you know exactly where your food is coming from
  28. Coconut oil is highly overlooked in the cooking department, such a versatile ingredient that you can even use for moisturiser and mouth wash!
  29. When I make smoothies I must make sure I make a large amount as my son loves them too.
  30. Having a husband that supports you and is happy to eat what you eat helps a lot, thanks babe. x

Anyone can do this, it takes time, preparation and most importantly action. Your body is made up of trillions of cells, these cells die and our body replaces them with using the nutrients it recieves from the food we eat. You literally are what you eat, something for you to think about.

I have made the changes now, the challenge is sticking to them.

If anyone is interested and wants to talk some more please feel free to email me



Katie has been in the health and fitness industry since 2001. After 7 years working within a major health club chain Katie set up her own company and now trains her clients at their homes and online. A passion for learning and helping people be the best that they can be has seen Katie consistently add to her list of qualifications. A qualified NLP practitioner, metabolic typist, sports massage therapist and personal trainer Katie aims to work with clients both physically and mentally. Since 2011 Katie has been a tutor and assessor for a nationwide training company that trains people to become Personal Trainers. She manages to squeeze all this in whilst also being a full time Mum of a 2 year old little boy.

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