This coming Thursday see’s the second anniversary of Rosie’s life saving open heart surgery at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. It’s always hard emotionally thinking back to that time. Equally it’s vital that I don’t allow the experience to become nothing more than a distant memory – such was the importance of the operation, without which we wouldn’t be able to celebrate all her amazing achievements. Last year, on the first anniversary we received a lovely card from our friends Amy, Ian & Ella which simply said, ‘Happy Heart Day’ – I’ve always loved that and shall remember the day with this phrase each year.

You can read my account of the whole experience here: Rosie’s surgery

So back to ‘today’s’ Budlington…
It’s usually the case that Rosie will achieve something new, I’ll excitedly write a post about it then she’ll not do it again for months. However, on this occasion I’m really pleased to say that since my last post, Rosie is still going strong learning to stand up and strengthen her legs. I’m very proud of her efforts which in turn are pushing my fears of her never walking further away each day. There is such a long way to go yet but here we are a couple of weeks on and the novelty is yet to wear off!

She’s still standing…yeah yeah yeah!

From here…

…to here in just under two years! Our little hero.


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