Happy New Year…

Time to make some of those new years resolutions that we all stick to….no matter what…..right???

However, I have to look back at the year that has passed to see where I was, in order to know where I want to go.

In 2013 a few major things happened to me, firstly I turned 30….I can’t believe I am 30. Well, nearly 31 (20th Feb) although, over Christmas my Mum told me that I don’t look 30 at all and Mother is always right!

I also did a 30 day food challenge where I did not consume sugar, grains, legumes, gluten or dairy. I lost weight and felt great. I learnt that if I am determined enough I can achieve anything.

Finally, I went on an amazing course in August that was called “Finding Centre” by a company called Anatomy in Motion run by two amazing guys, Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan. I heard a lecture by Gary a few years ago when I was pregnant with Harry. He spoke about how the body has an optimal position where everything is balanced. When we stand in poor posture or are injured our body creates a new centre to survive and live pain free.

I learnt that the feet and how you walk are key indicators for posture and injuries in most cases. I now also know how to do a foot scan that shows if the feet are moving correctly in gait (walking). It was an amazing course.

I read a load of books on lots of different topics relating to health.

I continually played with my Son who just amazes me everyday, his speech is coming along and its fair to say he is definitely a “talker” like me.

So they were the positives, it would be false for me not to declare some areas which were not the best in 2013.


I am the queen of it, however, I have just read Jennifer Saunders autobiography which was great but she states that she is the queen of procrastination so I guess we will have the share the crown.

When Harry sleeps I sometimes find myself drawn to the TV which I then feel guilty about. I have become addicted….yes addicted to Greys Anatomy,  which you can download box-sets from Sky On Demand, I have done 3 seasons in about 7 weeks………..

FYI….last updated the blog in September, although I have 4 posts half written in my drafts folder….what is that about???

Following Through

I have loads of ideas….loads, but I am my own worst enemy when putting them into action. I find myself doubting my ability, even when its clear to everyone that I know a lot and can really help people. That internal voice can really be a pain in the ****!

There are a few others but their a bit more personal  and I am not putting them up on the blog…no I am not…you nosy bugger!

To 2014…..and beyond!! (In Buzz Lightyear’s voice)

I have a few areas that I want to work on, one of which is to update this blog regularly and provide a real service for people.

I also aim to follow through on a lot of my ideas and have confidence in myself.

I aim to increase  my knowledge daily and I want to improve my vocabulary as most people only use 2500-3000 words when there is over 500,000 in the English language. This should help me become much better at scrabble too.

Basically as Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” He was a clever man, so,  if it was good enough for him, it is certainly good enough for me.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.




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