Dr Gretchen Hawley

Physical therapist and Multiple Sclerosis certified specialist

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A Doctor of Physical Therapy, with years of clinical practice experience, Gretchen is a physical therapist and Multiple Sclerosis certified specialist through the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centres. She has a special interest in the management and wellness of MS patients, helping to improve balance, walking and energy.

She often presents as the Kenote Speaker at numerous MS events including Living Well With MS events sponsored by the MS Society in addition to MS Views & News. Other collaborations include national MS organisations, including the National MS Society, MS Association of America, and MS Foundation. Additionally, Dr. Gretchen shares her expertise to MS support groups, podcasts, and on her own YouTube and social media channels.

Dr. Gretchen developed an Online MS Wellness Program specifically geared towards helping people with MS in their own home (www.MSingLink.com) and uses social media to create more awareness around MS and neuroplasticity exercises that can help improve the quality of life for individuals living with MS worldwide.