Dr Mandy Leonhardt

General Practitioner

Watch Dr Mandy Leonhardt's TH+ Expert Webinar on Hormal Migraines & Perimenopause

Dr Mandy Leonhardt is a General Practitioner who is passionate about women’s health, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. She is particularly interested in premenstrual disorders such as PMS/PMDD and menopause. She holds the Certificate in Menopause Care by the British Menopause Society. In 2018, together with a colleague, she organised and hosted the first Menopause Café in England. Dr Leonhardt frequently gives talks to local menopause support groups and raises money for women’s health charities. She supports Dafina Malovska’s ‘Check me up’ petition, which campaigns for annual women’s health checks. Dr Leonhardt lives and works in Hampshire.

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