Noah Goldhirsh

Developer of Healing methods in Alternative Medicine

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Noah Goldhirsh has been a therapist, senior lecturer and developer of Healing methods in Alternative Medicine for over 33 years.

She began to study and practise Alternative Medicine as a young woman combining several methods of healing: Colour Therapy, Reiki, Bach Flower Remedy, Native American medicine, Channeling and Feng Shui, among others. She lives and practises in Israel, but has clients worldwide who benefit from her unique mix of skills and insights. She has written five books that have been published in a variety of languages, including Hebrew and English.

These include The Power of Animal Messages (2E) and The Power of Colors, with all three books to be published simultaneously by Hammersmith Health Books.

The Power of Alternative Medicine Trilogy by Noah Goldhirsh includes The Power of ColorsThe Power of Bach Flower Remedies for Children and The Power of Animals Messages. Hammersmith Health Books.

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