Sue Hinton

Clinical Nurse Advisor

My name is Sue Hinton and I have been a qualified nurse since 1976.

I conducted and completed further training in 1996 and from 1998 onwards I have worked within Continence and Stoma Care both for the NHS and Private Sector.

Until 2017 due to a diagnosis of an auto immune illness, I had the pleasure of working on a Dialysis Unit at my local hospital.

From 2019 I have and currently work as a Clinical Nurse Advisor and this role allowed me to support and visit patients with urological and bladder issues and to support healthcare professionals.

The last 15 months has seen a different way of working due to the pandemic and patient contact has changed in the way it is undertaken. Most consultations taking place via telephone or TEAM’s/Zoom calls.

With the lifting of restrictions, I am once again able to start visiting patients to offer advice, guidance, support and interventions and I am looking forward to working with Talkhealth.