Online clinic on gynaecology 2014


March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month so talkhealth teamed up with NHS Choices, Multi-gyn, Promensil Menopause, Sylk Intimate Moisturiser, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and Eve's Appeal in March 2014 to present an Online Clinic on gynaecology.  The clinic is now only open for viewing.

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The clinic is an online forum, please contact us if you’re unsure how it works!

Clinical experts answered questions about issues surrounding menopause, vaginal issues, pregnancy and infertility, menstruation, cervical smears and cancer, PCOS, hysterectomy, STIs, painful intercourse and endometriosis and you can read the questions and answers in this clinic by clicking the blue ‘Go to this Online Clinic’ button above.

Please also check our list of future clinic dates here.

Medical Experts

Mr Hugh Byrne


Professor Stergios (Stelios) Doumouchtsis

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Subspecialist Urogynaecologist MSc MPH PhD MRCOG

Dr Helen Fawcett

GP with special interest in women's health

Dr Sarah Gray

Primary Care Lead for NHS Cornwall for Women's Health and Cancer

Jenny Greenfield

Practice Nurse manager - RN, RM, Bsc (hons) MSc PG cert, FNRT

Melanie Powell

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr James Thompson
Mr Mark Whiteley

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

Charity Partners


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In the UK, three out of four women will experience some kind of vaginal discomfort at least once in their lifetime. These discomforts and conditions when left untreated can induce serious complications such as infections in the upper genital tract, spontaneous abortion, premature birth and they are known to increase the risk of STI and AIDS.
Because Multi-Gyn® products are natural, they are safe to use during pregnancy and alongside medications.

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Promensil Menopause

Promensil Menopause is a food supplement containing the highest quality patented Red Clover, the richest natural source of isoflavones (plant oestrogens) to help you stay comfortable during and after the menopause.
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A recent survey showed that 95% of women think it is important to have a choice between hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and natural remedies*. As more and more women seek natural solutions, it is important that women understand the best options available and choose the right product for them.

The full range can be viewed online and is available to purchase from Boots.

* The 2013 Menopause Survey – an assessment of the experience of women with menopause and Promensil conducted by PharmaCare June/July 2013.

Sylk Intimate Moisturiser

Most women will experience dryness at some stage. Whilst menopause is the most common time, childbirth, breast-feeding, tiredness, infrequent love-making, contraception, tampax usage and cancer treatment can all have an effect. There is a simple solution - Sylk Intimate Moisturiser.

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Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK's only charity dedicated to those affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women aged 35 and under. Every year in the UK over 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer. In addition over 300,000 women a year are told they may have a cervical abnormality that might require treatment.

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK's only charity dedicated to those affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.

Read more about Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust here

The Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for research into all gynaecological cancers. Our current PROMISE 2016 project seeks to save lives through improved risk prediction and earlier detection of ovarian cancer. To support this and other gynaecological cancer research go to to see how you can get involved.