Heat exhaustion vs heat stroke: What's the difference?

Lots of us love it when some warm weather hits the UK. Let’s be honest, it’s a welcome break from the cold winters, rainy autumns and springs. 

However, the heat has hit the headlines this week as Europe sees some record breaking temperatures for this time of year. In fact, the UK is set to see its hottest day ever on Tuesday (July 19).

Expected to hit the heights of 40℃, the weather is a cause for concern when it comes to global warming, food sources, travel and (most importantly) our health. 

You might be seeking shade, wearing loose clothing and slathering on SPF already, and these are all great. But, are you looking out for signs of heat related health issues in yourself and loved ones? Didn’t think so. 

That’s why, as the hottest day of this summer approaches, we want to make sure you know about heat exhaustion, heat stroke and what makes the conditions different.