5 simple steps to better bowel health

Whether you have a soft spot for fried foods or a penchant for a pick and mix, we’re all guilty of indulging in foods that are bad for our bowels. Catering to those cravings can leave us feeling gassy, sluggish and bloated and can cause long term health issues if you eat them too often. Think heartburn, chronic constipation and even bowel cancer.

The benefits of having a healthy bowel don’t stop at the digestive system. We’ve all heard of the mind-gut connection, but did you know that a healthy gut microbiome also plays a vital role in the nutrients biotin and riboflavin, two B vitamins that control hair growth? On top of brain health and hair growth, making sure your bowel is healthy will keep your heart, liver and skin in check too. 

The bowel is made up of the small intestine and the large intestine. After food is broken down in the stomach, it is sent to the small intestine where all of its nutrients are absorbed. Afterwards, in the large inestine, food passes through the colon, where the water is absorbed, and then it travels to the rectum. 

Despite the intricacy of the digestive system, keeping it in tip-top condition is surprisingly easy. Here are 5 simple steps for better bowel health: