SweatStop Antiperspirants

SweatStop offers a distinctive range of clinical strength antiperspirants with a product suitable for any area of the skin affected from head to toe.

Containing aluminium like most antiperspirants it also contains the soothing additives aloe vera and panthenol (provitamin B5) and the pH is optimised for skin tolerance.

SweatStop has a range of products and preparations including sprays for the body, hands, feet and underarms, roll-on for the underarms, lotion for the face and forehead, an instant lotion for the hands and powder for the feet. With four strengths from Sensitive with a high skin compatibility to Forte Max for the hands and feet. The Forte Plus strength is very strong but also more skin tolerant than comparable products.

What many people don’t know is that to get the best from an antiperspirant – to stop you sweating – it should be applied at night time when sweating is at a minimum. It should be applied every night initially for the first couple of weeks. Once the effect has built up it then only needs to be applied every few days to maintain the effect.

For more information visit sweathelp.co.uk 

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