Must not cry

25 Sep 2011

At the moment, writing this is the only thing that is stopping me from crying. The basic story is, I had a shower. When I have a shower, I realise just how bad my skin is. It’s quite bad on my face at the moment, it has now spread all over my back in random blotches, my scalp is really bad, my legs are covered in scabs from the incontrollable scratching, even though I’m using the really strong steroid on my arms, they seem to be resisting it, and my whole body just looks disgusting. I HATE having showers or baths because when I get out and cover myself in multiple creams, I have no choice but to look at how bad it is.

I don’t know whether it’s because I had bread the other night on my meal out with the family, or whether it’s just been like that & I haven’t really noticed before. Thankfully it’s the weekend now, so I can stay home and slather myself in cream and just relax and wait for my skin to heal, but it’s still a horrible process.

This is the second day of my Paleo diet without any cheating at all, I’ve been trying to start this diet for weeks but either I don’t have the right food here and have to eat whatever I do have, or I go out somewhere and the choice of food for people on this diet is literally slim to none.

So I guess I’ll just have to stick with the diet and try and ignore my skin. I’ve noticed that if I think about it I stress myself out and I can feel my skin burning because of it, so I try to distract myself. But sometimes it can be difficult when other college students are staring at me like I’m a three legged mutant.
Gosh, this condition can be extremely depressing. I’m hoping more than anything that this diet will work, if it doesn’t I honestly don’t know what I will do. What kind of life can I live when I’m too afraid to leave the house? Not much of one.

People with normal skin have no idea how lucky they are, and how envious we are of them.

Lets just hope the diet helps, bye guys

Brooke x



Hey, my name is Brooke. Basically, I have this blog so I can talk about eczema. I have suffered with eczema all my life, and when I turned 13 it flared up for no apparent reason, and has remained basically the same. So on here I will hopefully be blogging everyday explaining new things I am using to try and fight eczema, and hopefully I will overcome it. Happy blogging!

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