Maccy D’s ….

21 Oct 2011


On Wednesday I was faced with having to take my children to McDonald’s as it was the start of the half term break, and they asked if we could go for a treat. What could I say? We rarely go to fast food places so I agreed.

But, what a dilemma for me! Diet, health eating and a McDonald’s!!!!

To my surprise, all items on the overhead boards at the till point are now labelled with the corresponding calories. I was amazed as I’ve never seen this before in a fast-food restaurant. This was particularly helpful for me as I could order the item with the lowest calories.

My Filet-O-Fish

I did feel guilty but I also know that I didn’t over-indulge as I had chosen wisely. In fact, when I weighed myself this morning, I’d lost a little more weight – 3 pounds so far this week.

It just goes to show that a little bit of what you like, in moderation, won’t hurt you. So, hold that thought.

Have a great weekend.



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