For as long as I can remember, I’ve had doctors tell me that I should only have warm showers and baths.

Well, that’s all good and dandy in theory, but when you have red raw skin and are sweating, the last thing I know I feel like doing is putting it under luke warm water.

Am I the only one who, in this situation, feels that the best way to relieve this pain (in terms of a bath/shower) is to disregard what you are told and have a hot (or as much as you can tolerate) shower or bath?

While it dries out my skin, at the end of the day, the pain is gone (well, for the most part) and it’s easier to heal dry skin than it is to begin the tedious process of creams.

Am I the only one or are there other rebellious/disobedient people out there??

P.S. I listen to everything else my Doctor tells me to do (well, for the most part).



I've had eczema now for 20 years and have tried nearly every treatment there is. I grew up in Sydney where night after night my mum layered me in creams, spent three and a half years in Vancouver where my eczema virtually disappeared and I am now in Brisbane and have lived here for 10.5 years. Over my 20 years I've tried various treatments and I'm now at a point where it's not controlling my life. I'm here to share my journey and spread my knowledge on all things eczema and I hope to be able to help in any way I can.

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