But that’s not going to happen is it!!! I’m up and down with my enthusiasm to lose weight. I want to stick to a sensible diet most of the time but it’s a long hard slog! Still lost my initial 8 pounds (ish) but it’s taken months and I’m getting dis-heartened. Trouble is I go off the boil when it doesn’t happen fast enough!

Just with I could wake up tomorrow thin!

I’m still not really exercising and I think that’s the key. Dieting in isolation doesn’t work and excerising in isolation doesn’t work either – clearly the two have to go together. But I keep moaning that I can’t find the time to exercise. But I need to MAKE time. Weather is better, nights are lighter so there’s really no excuse to go for a brisk walk each evening before dinner. Perhaps tonight’s the night to start!

I know I won’t wake up tomorrow thin, but I could wake up a little thinner each day, even a few ounces each day would be good as this would result in a leaner, slimmer me eventually.

So, if any of you out there have any tips, words of encouragement or otherwise, let me know! I need all the help I can get at the moment!!



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