Hi all, I’m a mother of four and wife to one! I have a very busy, naturally stressful life and living with eczema is no picnic, let alone the fact that my middle daughter and 10 month old son suffer from it too!

Currently though, I’m recovering from a flare up of major proportions (I SO wanted to say Epic, but I’m tired of that word!!)  So far so good. I was recently diagnosed as being severely deficient in Vitamin D. My skin flourishes in the summer, but breaks out something terrible in the winter. The cycle is always the same. It’s not that I don’t have flare ups in the summer, I do, occasionally, but the winter ones are outrageous! I’ve been put on a 60,000IU per week dose of Vitamin D3 for 8 weeks and I’ve just had my second dose on Saturday.  I’ve also done tons of research which lead to me asking to be tested specifically for Vitamin D deficiency, my doc also asked for other things to be tested like iron and urea levels which all came back normal.

I’ve found that using the same creams (Aveeno is my staple) during the winter do not work for me and I’ve switched to Aveeno Skin relief with Shea butter and this is helping (touch wood).

For my daughter, the opposite is true, her eczema is horrid in the summer, so it’s bitter sweet. Luckily her eczema is controlled well with antihistamines and 1% hydrocortosine. I’m hoping to try other methods this summer, but if it’s not working we will use steroids as she has no withdrawals from them as we only use them for short periods of time. My daughters eczema was terrible when she was younger, I mean, absolutely terrible. We had to wet wrap her and all sorts. We eventually found respite from itch scratch cycle with eczema specific clothing. She had eczema pretty much everywhere, whereas now it’s usually her eyelids, neck, inner elbows and back of the knees.  My son’s eczema is only on his cheeks, chin and eyebrows at the moment, he suffered cradle cap and still has dry scalp. I’m using unrefined Shea butter and virgin coconut oil on his skin and so far so good!

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling for one post, but I’ll be back. I like to talk lots. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, experiences to share, please do 🙂

Until next time….

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Hi all, my name is Charlene and I have had eczema pretty much since birth. This annoying skin condition has always been a pain, but recently, it's taken over my life! The only good side of this is it's forced me to look into exactly what is going on in my body and try to look for any triggers, the quality of my diet and in return, avoid anything that I believe may affect me as much as possible. I hope my blog will give you some insight into the reality of living with eczema in the family. Visit me at http://www.itchscratchreliefcycle.blogspot.com/

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