I have always had sensitive skin from a very early age and dread to think how much I have spent over the years. Buying the latest claimed product for sensitive skin to find that I react and it goes into my bathroom cupboard along with the rest of the unsuccessful jars and potions. Does this seem familiar to you?

If you’ve had problem skin for a long time, perhaps you have just learned to live with it. Or maybe you have intensely hypersensitive skin and have even given up on ever finding a solution to your skin problems. It seems that everyone else has healthy skin, or at least most people. So What causes sensitive skin?? Why is my skin always red and breaking out, while my sister, my dad and my best friend all have normal skin and can use any kind of skin care product that they want to? For most people, there is no one clear answer because there are many possible causes for sensitive skin.

In order to learn more about what caused my sensitive skin, I needed to become a bit of a detective! I took a careful look at my daily habits, the foods I ate, the skin products I used and listed their ingredients and the environments that I spent time in. I found it helpful to keep a brief journal for a few weeks, which detailed what I ate, and made notes of any new activities, foods, products or places that I was exposed to. That way I could look back and put together the pieces to get an idea of what might be causing my skin problems. I have noticed over the years how the change of seasons have a huge effect and of course when life is stressful, but I am now learning to control my skin flare up, as I know all to well what normally are my triggers. I have put together a free Symptom Spotter for you to download, where you can keep a record of your skin reactions www.pureandgentle.com over the next couple of blogs I will be trying to give you ideas to help with your sensitive skin so good luck and watch this space.



I have always had hyper-sensitive skin, particularly on my face, resulting in areas of itchy, dry eczema which now has been diagnosed as Rosacea along with the eczema. Also a close family member was diagnosed with a Maligant Melanoma skin cancer in 2007 forcing the whole family to become more aware of the effects the sun can have on our skin and how chemotherapy and other cancer treatments has such an effect on your skin too. I have subsequently spent time investigating the sun screen market to not only provide the right protection, but won’t cause skin irritation along with moisturisers and other products for after and during cancer treatment. I am not a medic; I am a mum with many years’ experience of having to deal with skin problems and www.pureandgentle.com was started because of this to find non- irritant products, research and information all in one place. I have found small tricks that can help along the way which I can share with you and hopefully relieve some of your problems with your skin.

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