Well, just before you think it’s going to be all doom and gloom here at Stitch Towers, I thought I’d count my blessings and try to think about 10 Good Things that have arisen due to my PD diagnosis. If Martha can do it, so can I.

  1. I smell the flowers
    By which I mean I try hard to live in the moment, to apprieciate the small things. I don’t do it all the time believe me but at least I try. And it’s worth it.
  2. I have a better work/life balance
    This has been somewhat forced upon me but, with hindsight, has been a Good Thing. i used to be quite high powered and work stupid hours on big blue chip companies. No more. Now I have an intellectually stimulating job with the same employers which has manageable hours and (supposedly) less stress. I haven’t achieved Zen-like balance, but it’s way better than it was.
  3. Holiday hidey hole
    This was as a direct result of #1. Seize the day and all that. We are now lucky enough to have a small bolthole by the sea. Pictures of the views etc can often be found on my other blog if you are a BoatHead.
  4. New friends
    I have made some new and very lovely friends in my journey, mainly via the mighty T’Internet. Hello guys, you know who you are.
  5. Self awareness
    I have had counselling to deal with the diagnosis. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done. Nothing to be ashamed of IMHO and so helpful. PD wrecks your self confidence and you often have problems dealing with stress. My lovel psychologist helped me navigate a way back to me. I’m still getting there but at least I have a blardy good road map.
  6. Nappies!
    My youngest child is still in them. There are many many hard thngs to cope with when raising small children anyway, PD just adds an extra layer. BUT…I haven’t had to do half as many nappies as with my Elder. Small mercies and all that.
  7. Cheap date
    PD Meds + wine = rapid decline into tiddled nonsense. Quite fun really.
  8. Old friends
    I know who my friends are and they have supported and looked after me. Crises really do show you who you can count on. Mwah!
  9. Family
    Ditto my nearest and dearest. I don’t want this to turn into an Oscar speech (move over, Gwinnie) but again, you find out who are your rocks very quickly when something like this happens to you.
  10. Dreams
    We all have aspirations. We all dream. The difference with having some thing like PD is you have an added impetus, more zing because you KNOW that time is precious and ‘one day’ isn’t good enough. I’m doing a 3 year plan to achieve mine. Very me I’m afraid, all spreadseets and graphs, yours might be butterflies and bluebirds, whatever floats our boat. The principle remains the same.

And that’s my list. Good Things. Not too mawkish I hope. What are your Good Things?



Shall I introduce myself? My name is Stitch This. Ah, you've guessed already that I've made that up, nobody would have parents that cruel would they? No, I write under a pseudonym so I can feel fairly free and easy about my comments and thoughts. So much more fun when you are invisible I think. I have two small, noisy, sticky boys and a husband who is rapidly turning into a boat-head as a pose to the rabid petrol head he has been ever since we met. Which was when we were 18. I am in my, ahem, early 40's and was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's in January 2008 although the symptoms started Summer 2005. I have an established blog where I record my stitchy attempts and general life ramblings which hitherto has included PD stuff to a certain extent. It was that blog that has brought me here.