My name is Steph and I am an atopic eczema sufferer. I have suffered with it, on and off, for the best part of my life. I’m now 28 and I can’t remember a time where I went more than a year without some kind of skin discomfort, usually on the back of my knees or around my mouth. I don’t know why, but I thought that being pregnant would mean a break from being subjected to sore, scaly skin. Alas, no. In fact it’s meant that my eczema has tormented me in new and unusual ways.

Let me explain to you just what’s going on – it’s on my eyes, which is a new location for me to suffer. Both, although the right eye is much worse. It’s sore and I’m just getting to grips with the medication and treatment programme the doctor wants me to use. This is the first time ever I’ve had to be so thorough and think so much about what I’m putting on my face, partly because of the pregnancy and also because of the delicate nature of eyes.

The problem is, I’m vain. I mean, make up is something I really, really love. Having eczema on my eyes means that on really bad days, I can’t wear make up (especially my favourite, eyeliner.) It also means that the skin around my eyes looks older than it is – and there is nothing I can do to stop this. Rubbish.

The doctor has told me that this form of eczema will probably clear up once I have the baby (which means potentially another three months of agony!), but I’m betting that the lack of sleep a new baby brings will lead to break outs elsewhere. Sigh.

Today, the eczema is not so bad; my skin is sort of pink and dry, but not sore. Makes a massive from the usual ‘consistency of boiled ham’ that I’ve been suffering, at least …



I'm a writer and teacher, expecting my first baby this autumn. I've suffered with eczema for almost all my life. I live by the sea with my husband and I blog over at, where I write about all sorts of things, but especially how I balance my make up obsession with my eczema! I'm also a bit of a chatterbox and you can find me on Twitter as @wuthering_alice.

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