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Over the years I have been humbled by the goodness shown to me from many clients. Their gratitude always makes me feel a little shy though, and only a conduit to their inner strength to overcome one of the most powerful drugs on the planet. However I have never been more overwhelmed than this.

In recent times I have been providing face to face counselling for women only. Simply because I completely understand the addiction from their point of view, and it has now become all consumi Prior to getting so heavily involved with my practice here, I have spent many hours online helping addicts and problem drinkers from all over the globe. Technology can be heaven and hell, this has been heaven for me. I have connected people who I thought would empathize with each other.

To this end, I received a very large parcel via UPS.  It is a quilt. So beautiful in it’s construction that I have really not been able to articulate, how much it means to me. There are over 200 hundred people who have signed little squares of fabric with thanks and inspiration, which then have been painstakingly gathered by one very special woman, who has stitched and sewn this beautiful piece of craftwork, just for me. Tangible, exquisite, and full of love and hope, the two most important words of recovery. I thought I would share, it means the world to me.  



I am Sarah Turner in my 50's married with two sons. I live in between two pretty villages, just outside of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. My vocation and passion has been to help Women and their families beat alcohol dependence and misuse for many years, and are not able to access appropriate care. Harrogate Sanctuary was born through my fight to find empathetic treatment when I desperately needed it, and failing abysmally. Although I am fully qualified on paper as an Addictions Counsellor and Congnitive Behavioural Therapist, I much prefer to use my own experience as a drunk up until my late thirties, to empathize and understand the problems that Women of today face with the effects and consequences of drinking too much. I adore my family, both human and animal, have three beloved chickens, . My garden never ceases to amaze, and now my boys are grown, I have rather taken to plants to vent my nurturing side. In addition to my own services to my clients, I campaign relentlessly to raise awareness of this hidden epidemic, that still remains such a taboo subject. In the 21st century, it's time for change. To this end I have also co-authored The Sober Revolution, Women calling Time on Wine O'clock, with my friend and ally Lucy Rocca, founder of

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