A recent report from the USA states that people with low back pain may benefit from a hands-on treatment known as osteopathic manual therapy (OMT) more than they do from ultrasound therapy. The study published in Annals of Family Medicine suggests that osteopathic manual therapy leads to short-term pain relief for these patients. During the therapy an osteopath will move your muscles and joints with stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance.

Osteopathy treatment for  lower back pain

Osteopathy treatment for
lower back pain

Kelston Chorley, Head of Professional Development at British Osteopathic Association comments on the report, “This latest research which also claims to be the largest osteopathy study of its kind, is further evidence of the safety and efficacy of osteopathic treatment.

“The study shows significant and clinically relevant data supporting the use of osteopathic treatment over ultrasound therapy for chronic low back pain and in reducing the use of prescription drugs. It meets or exceeds the Cochrane back review group for a moderate and effective size, for both moderate and substantial improvements in low back pain. The study also supports the efficacy and safety of osteopathic treatment as well as working within the cost guidelines of NICE recommendations.”



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