Being sick makes moving around so incredibly complicated.  Not only because I feel crappy, but because I have to lug all my medical equipment with me wherever I go.  For me, whenever I travel overnight, I have to have my special backpack, my pump, my TPN, my TPN multivitamin, and all my medicines.  So needless to say traveling becomes complicated.  Despite its complexity, I have found that finding ways to organize your medical supplies and making check-lists of what you need, goes a long way.
When traveling with so many supplies, you have to be organized, you have to know what you need to pack and where you are going to pack it.  Because my TPN has to stay cold when I travel, I have to use an insulated box.  I save the boxes that my TPN and supplies are delivered in, and when I travel, I just pack them back in the box!  This is only half the problem though, because I then have to pack my IV pole, my pump, and my special backpack.  So I make the pole as small as it goes, because I know I can just slide it across the back seat, and put my pump and medicines in my  backpack.  That way all of my medical supplies are together when I unpack!
In order to make sure I don’t forget anything, I have started making check-lists.  One time I forgot ostomy supplies when I was traveling and although I was only going to be there one night, I couldn’t take the risk of my bag exploding and not having a replacement.  So despite being away from home, I had to find ostomy supplies…it’s not as easy as it sounds.  Another time I forgot my medicines, which is a big no-no because I can’t go a day without my medicines.  This time CVS was kind enough to give me a few days worth of medicine.  But having had these mishaps, I now make a medical check-list of all the things I need to pack, and pack those first.  That way I have them all ready to go, while I do the rest of my packing.
So wether you are traveling overseas or traveling overnight, when packing medical supplies make sure you know how you are going to pack them and what you need to pack.  Always remember the rule: It’s better to have too much, than too little.  Medical supplies are not the thing to skimp on when traveling.   I know that learning to travel with all my medical supplies has been a hard journey, and hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes I did, in your not so normal life.

Sarah Brocker

Hi my name is Sarah Brocker and I have Crohn's Disease. I've got 8 scars and am missing two feet of intestines and my life isn't normal, but whose life is normal? I want to use my experiences to help you, even if it means sharing embarrassing experiences. I am also looking to break the stigmas associated with IBD in order to make living with IBD just a little bit easier. All I want to do is help, so please, let ME help YOU!

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