Last night we held the second session of our Sherfield Park Runners Couch to 5k course (or C25K for short).

But before I give you an update on how last night went, I need to tell you about the hard work that everyone has put into their running over the past week. Last week I set each C25Ker a goal – homework as it’s been labelled. Everyone had to run two further sessions in readiness for week two. The Sherfield Park Runners Facebook page was used to organise some of the runs and it was great seeing smaller groups running together and encouraging each other. From my lounge I saw some of these groups thoroughout the week running or walking past my house, and whilst out on my long Sunday run we passed two groups doing their homework. The buzz in the neighbourhood has been fantastic and the rest of the club are really getting behind the initiative. I’d asked for 4 volunteers for last night’s session and to my amazement, and joy, 8 club members turned out to help and encourage those embarking on Week 2!


So, how many of last week’s 26 beginners came to Week 2 I hear you ask?

Well, 21 in total, with 5 others sending apologies for various very genuine reasons, with assurances they’d be back next week.

This week we increased both the running and the walking elements of the session. We started with our usual 5 minute brisk walk followed by 20 (ish) minutes of 90 seconds running, and 2 minutes walking, finishing with a 5 minute warm down. And rather than shouting out when everyone had to walk or run, I was given a nice shiny whistle courtesy of our club Chairman, which seemed more effective, saved my voice and hopefully didn’t upset any of my neighbours who might have been trying to get their children to bed!

What was rewarding about last night’s session was watching the progress of each person – each running stronger than the week before, and actually seeing some self-belief creeping into everyone’s psyche.

With homework set again for this week, I’m looking forward to seeing our C25K runners out and about again over the next few days and to moving through to Week 3.



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