You would be forgiven for thinking that all we do is eat cake at talkhealth as it is currently looking that way – as the last Wednesday of the month we have ‘Cake Wednesday’ in the office…..Chocolate cake

The saying a slice or rather a bit of what you fancy does you good,  is all well and ‘good’ if you can apply the adage ‘everything in moderation’.  And that is the trouble, nowadays it’s very hard to practise moderation with anything – from food to alcohol to material possessions as everything is so much more easily accessible.  And the ‘barriers’ to obtaining all these things are easy to break down from either practical ones such as ready cash and credit to will power.

The 5:2 diet – has ‘formalised’ what many of us do already – having eaten a lot on one day of the week the next day we naturally eat a little less to counter out the affect… it is what our bodies naturally do if we still have the ability to listen to and feel our cravings.

We were interested to read Dr Michael Moseley’s article (creator of the 5:2 diet) in the Daily Mail this week on why everything you think you know about exercise is wrong.  For those of you that exercise and particularly those that use exercise machines that count the calories in front of you as you puff away will know, that it takes a huge amount of effort to burn off just a few hundred calories.  And we agree it is so easy after exercise to feel that you can now ‘reward’ yourself with a ‘bit of what you fancy’ but it goes to show that you really can’t…..

red velvet cake



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