Have you looked at the almost unreal fitness of some successful people and wondered how they manage it, given their stressful and work-filled daily lives? The secret lies in accepting your flaws as a part of who you are and in simplicity of habits. Identify and eliminate your bad habits and develop a few good ones. If you want to imitate the fitness of your idols, check out these tips to get yourself all sorted out.

  1. Good eating habits – Successful people realize that good nutrition is necessary to be able to work hard – they have no time for crazy diets that are in vogue. As Michelle Obama says, the measure of a healthy woman is not in her weight or her waistline. She thinks it is importance to have a good idea of what one wants and what makes one happy, and fitness is not to be thought of in terms of “inches and dress sizes.” She explains how she incorporated more fruits and vegetables in her entire family’s diet, reduced eating outside, drank more water and watched her portions in order to build a better eating habit.
  2. Getting up early – It is a scientific fact that our brains work better on early mornings than during late nights. Successful people, for example Disney CEO Robert Iger makes it a point to get up early and catch a little me-time for himself, doing small things that relax him like reading newspapers and watching TV. Most people also incorporate their workout sessions during this time of the day – it provides a physical and mental boost. Gwyneth Paltrow wakes up at 4.30 every day to practice her asanas – she had confessed that it is only “sheer determination” that drives her for she is not a morning person either.
  3. Regular fitness regime – However busy you are, it is not impossible to have a regular fitness routine. Even Barack Obama who admitted to being a night owl, squeezes in workout before getting to his office. Michelle Obama also reasoned that if one were to wake up early for other people in the family one does it no matter what, so why shouldn’t one take the same pains for one’s own self?
  4. Accepting yourself as you are – Beyonce is a major advocate for embracing yourself as you are. She busted weight myths by saying that every single person is supposed to be different, and there is no general perfect weight. She doesn’t belong to the size-zero club supporters – she likes it when she is somewhere in the middle with some winsome curves.
  5. Choose the right diet– Gluten is best avoided, since it’s been associated with several diseases, most of which are incessantly popping their heads because of lifestyle choices of the contemporary human! Consult your physicians, see if your lifestyle and weight profile is well suited for an HCG diet, and start your journey towards balanced weight and better health.
  6. Get enough sleep – Your body needs rest to work properly, otherwise you will feel sluggish and will lack concentration. Jillian Michaels, the Biggest Loser trainer, admitted to getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, saying that sleep is important for numerous things like preventing premature aging, building a strong immune system and having a good metabolism.

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